XSys Kft

. Analyst + Architect + 3-7 Developers + 1-2 Testers

. Rewriting legacy applications to Microservices/Cloud architecture
. Fast prototyping/development of greenfield applications

Development: Java, Spring/SpringBoot/WebFlux, JPA/Hibernate, JDBC
Development: Javascript (Node.js), Python/Django
UI:          Vue.js, Angular, React, HTML5/CSS3
DB:          SQL(Oracle/PLSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL), NoSQL
Test:        jUnit, Selenium

. Modeling concepts, UML, SOA, Microservices, Docker, Cloud concepts
. Rapid prototyping techniques, Design principles for complex systems
. Design Patterns for OO & Real Time and Embedded Systems
. Performance Optimizations in (Java, Javascript)
. Data Analysis, Data visualizations (MathPlotlib/Streamlit)
. Machine Learning modeling/frameworks (Python/Tensor/Pandas…)

Knowledge of PHP/Perl, WordPress (plugins), jQuery
Knowledge of JEE/JSF/JSP, C/C++, PL1/Cobol/IBM360ASM, x64

. in banking, insurance, telcom, logistics, healthcare, government sectors

Mail: karoly.veres _at_ xsys.hu